Monday, February 20, 2012

t-shirt buddies

story ::
in the two weeks that i stopped work prior to the edd of sean
i was packing the wardrobe and collected a handful of t-shirts
which were still in good condition but i no longer wanted to wear
and i thought: it would be sweet if sean had a personalised toy to hug,
made from my clothes
so i decided to try my hands on making one

after i made a big-headed sprite (pic top left) for sean
my other mommy friends and sister-in law wanted one for their kiddo too!
hence i made ::
| rabbit-long-ears wearing a miss-sixty stripey dress for sweet ash
| monkey-long-tail for ethan from a top which his mommy wore and later gave me a long time ago
| pouty-lipped spritekin for animated je who likes to pout her mouth
  & a birdie brooch to wear on her first birthday
| smiley panda for happy liam who's always so smiley and jolly

these t-shirt buddies are made from a combination of my t-shirts (washed of course!) and felt
and the templates from a book of the aranzi aronzo series
then i thought again, i could take requests from other mommies
if they wanted a t-shirt buddy for their bb,
and to make it more meaningful,
they could pass me one of their t-shirts!
but mmm... it would be quite a hassle, no?
ah wells, think i'll stop at these 5 buddies for the moment =)


onebowl said...

i like the idea of the own kid playing with toys made out of mummy's clothes. get to recycle and at the same time, sort of feels like the kid is bonding closer with mummy.

when i have my kid, u have to make one more for me. nothing too arty farty. errrr.. using ur clothes is ok.. let my kid bond with u la.. :D

YH said...

Yeh that's e idea :)
Bond w me?? Hahah sure man u think I dunno
Wanna dump your kid at my place ask me look after right? Hahah
Sure make a nice non-arty ugly one for your kiddo...
Can't wait for it to b your turn! :)