Wednesday, February 15, 2012

another chapter

my life now runs in 3-hourly segments
in 3 hours' time: baby needs to be fed
boobs need to be pumped
and within the 3 hours, slot in changing of diapers, bathing baby, carrying baby, preparing meals for myself and before u know it,
it's time to feed and pump
somehow it feels rather limiting
doesn't help that i can't seem to soothe baby when he cries
it's really rather demoralizing
and pumping... don't get me started on pumping
i think it would be so much more enjoyable w/o the pumping
engorged boobs and sore nips are really a pain
wells at least we've got a domestic helper -
i should really stop grousing
really 佩服 frens who are first time moms and managing all by themselves

feeling rather restless
the mind & hands need to work on something
so i decided to update the blog!
inspired by shoutmate's "re-fleshed" blog
and L's brand new blog
and chanced upon an ex-colleague-acquaintance's very beautiful blog
no major changes though - the blogspot interface seems rather, limiting

major lack of posts on the new addition to our family
will post on baby soon! i think he's really cute hah


Libee White said...

hihihi! welcome to the blogging world. think i felt that restlessness around that time when E was born as well. so many things to do and want to do but can't do. this is one of the best outlet....and of course crafting and sewing too!

YH said...

hhaha.. shouldnt i be welcoming to u back to blogging instead??

limegreenspyda said...

yay! finally got blog update!
the boob-pumping bit sounds... a bit, gross. haha! but intriguing!
one day we'll come and visit and see the wee one!

Princess of Smiles said...

If u got blocked ducts try going to TMC Parentcraft. The LCs there are vvv gd!!!