Monday, February 20, 2012

minkie blankie

story ::
when one has a kiddo
one starts to observe things that one has never noticed
like: how to balance a pram up and down the escalator -
if u do see someone doing that, it's either:
1. there is no bb in the pram
2. they are inexperienced first time parents (like us!)
because experienced parents will tell u - take the lift!
its dangerous to do a balancing act w the pram & a bb in it

wells, in my whatspp group chat that i have on bbtalk
the most savvy and well-referenced mommy has got to b W
need to know where to buy the best-value bb toiletries? - ask W
where to get a nice personalised bb gift? - ask W
and she's the one who introduced us to the minky blanket
it's made of a material that feels like mink -
extremely smooth and plushie
and you can order one from here - a stroller size blankie (26" x 34") will set you back by $43 dollars
another mommy libee who's been busy as a bee
sewing projects for her new bb ethan and other bb,
with her resourcefulness found a source to buy this minky fabric
through her, i got myself a piece of minky to sew a blanket for Sean!
i made two small blankies with it - one for home, and one for gai-gai (outings)

here he is, snuggled in his pram under the minky
enjoying his milk & looking really comfy
(that's his dad's method of feeding him - hands-free tsk! tsk!)


onebowl said...

love KK's smart way for feeding kiddo! loving dad eh.. :P

YH said...
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YH said...

He's v proud of it somemore lor & took photo
I was running ard the supermart gathering groceries so he had to feed bb and when I returned I saw him one arm on his waist one arm on e pram looking at S and poor S was sucking at his bottle, supported on eeyore, w a bewildered look on his face...