Wednesday, February 22, 2012

a jacket for the packet

if there's one thing that irks me
it would be a scrunched up packet of tissue
u know those tissue packets that have only a few sheets left
and can't hold their shape
and if u place them in your bag they get into a scrunched up mess
and sometimes quite icky to use
for the longest time i've been looking for
these type of jackets for tissue packets
and since i've not been successful in finding a nice one
i hardly carry tissue paper with me

w a bb, its really quite impossible not to
bring along tissue paper when we're out
so i was really in dire need of these jackets
shoutmate recently gave me quite a lot of fabrics from her destash
& i was able to sew some jackets for tissue packets finally!
made 5 in a go!
one for the diaper bag, boobs-pump bag, my handbag -
the ones for the diaper and pump bag can hold two packets
whilst a slimmer version holding one packet was for the handbag
also made two slim versions for two special frens =)

have been heavily dependent on the husband on tissue when we're out
and the ones he fish from his pockets
are usually like giam chye (salted veg)
thinking if i should make him one too...
can't do one in these fabrics for him
perhaps i should invest in some "stately" fabric soon!


onebowl said...

oooo . i share ur feelings exactly. its so icky to use the remaining 1-2 pieces of tissue in that squishy looking packet.
but what i didnt know was that .. the reason u dun carry tissue was cus u cant find nice tissue pouches?!?!!? i could have solved that for u longggg time back!!
anyway, the pouches look pretty!!!!

YH said...

Hahh thanks :) the fabrics are all courtesy of u
Eh ya how come I didn't think of asking u to make me one??!?
Eh but u said wanted to me a holder for sunglasses w that springy clasp too lor.... See that's y I've not been taking my sunglasses out too!