Friday, February 24, 2012

there's something about sean

*warning :: indulgent post of newborn by mama ahead

a-picture-a-day of sean's expressions till his 满月 at 4-weeks old 

our son seems to have a comic element about him
of all his expressions, i luff the way he frowns, most
every time he does it i wanna laugh
it's like this tiniest being is thinking & pondering soo hard
about something

these are a few of his frowns ::
why the frown sean? what are u thinking about?

okies lah, he is after all still a baby,
can't be in deep thoughts all the time right? ::

& according to my sisters, 
he is their darling dua-bah-pow (大肉包) sean-sean ::
dua-bah-pow  大肉包    

but most of all, he is truly my sweet heart ;)
sean & mama


limegreenspyda said...

yes, indulgent post indeed. :)
i must say, the ah pui is quite a charmer.

YH said...

Haha but not charming enough for u to go near his poo! ;)