Friday, December 2, 2011


and so it all started with swollen gums

no, rewind that a few weeks back...
waking up one weekend morning
i had the cravings for kaya toast
and sent the husband to get some from old town down the street
and whilst running some errands at bukit timah plaza
we passed by a laksa stall and i asked k
if he would like to share a bowl

these seemingly mundane activities would have been
nothing out of the ordinary
had i hardly ordered laksa for as long as k has known me
nor would i have craved for kaya toast
nonetheless i didn't give a second thought to these actions

until i woke up one morning with swollen gums near my wisdom tooth
that got me really worried because i really didn't want a decayed tooth
when i was office, i googled "swollen gums" and the auto predictive
search showed "pregnancy and swollen gums"...gosh... glup...

during lunchtime i went to plaza sing (was working at mt. sophia then)
bought a pregnancy kit and went to toilet to do the test
had hardly pulled my pants up when i nearly dropped the stick
as i saw the results - OMG!!! positive!!??!
it was such an overwhelming feeling...
it wasn't elation neither was it shock... just overall very overwhelming
was deliberating if i should text k immediately...
but decided to keep it to myself till we met after work

had dinner at suntec crystal jade and after the tables were cleared
i passed k the package wrapped in butter paper
told him to open it discreetly under the table top
when he saw the stick, he stared intently at it for several seconds
then wrapped it back in the butter paper, and said,
"oh... don't have hor..."
i was like ????? and nearly burst out laughing
but i held back and concurred, "yah... don't have."
now his turn to ?????
"so have or don't have???"
"gosh, do you not know how to read symbols?"
"yah, i know - it indicated negative right?"
"how can it be negative???"
he told me that he was staring intently at the "-" sign of the "+"
and didn't see the "l" ...

we decided we should buy another kit to test
just to be sure... and this time we bought another brand
and the results, were positive

and so it all clicked.
the kaya toast craving, the ordering of laksa...
i was already expecting on my birthday so
no wonder my fav. pilsner at paulaner during the
bday celebration tasted weird
and i could only stomach two mugs,
much to the surprise of tea and e1

and here i am today, with a belly as big as a watermelon
almost at the full term of 37 weeks,
typing this blog entry at the sentosa beaufort
enjoying our last getaway as dinks (dual-income-no-kids)
as my sisters would label us
anyday, anytime from now, kiddo will choose to squirm his way
out from my tummy to greeet this world...

and i'll be a mom. OM-major-Gosh.
i really can't believe it.
thank God, thank sweaty heart, for this overwhelming gift.


Jellbell from Hell said...

Are you counting down already? So exciting, YH!!

Anonymous said...

heh for me the signs were a constant horrible metallic taste in the mouth and feeling nauseous whenever i went to the heavy-detergent-smelling toilet in LAB. but kept telling myself it couldn't be possible, having tested negative so many times. think the feeling when you first see that positive result is unbelievable. i still keep the test kit though quite gross cuz have the pee on it haha.

CAN'T WAIT TO MEET XM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


limegreenspyda said...

haha. good luck! :)
are you feeling kanchiong and reluctant at the same time?

YH said...

CY - yes i'm counting down! especially now when he should be out anytime

WY - haha wy i only took a photo of the kit and threw away haha... cos like u said got pee on it!
yeh, think this feeling, especially our first, is unbelieveable. don't think we will get this feeling again

S - thanks!! not so kanchiong, and i can't be reluctant about it now... hahah...

Princess of Smiles said...

welcome to motherhood!! how are you enjoying so far??