Saturday, August 13, 2011

mub mub yt-taf

that was what my fren S and I called fat people when we were young
our secret code word "mub mub yt-taf" for fatties
(how mean kids can be hahah)
try pronouncing it, it's really cute
it's actually a reverse of "fatty bum bum" hahah

and now looks like I'm turning into a mub mub yttaf myself!!!
I remember I was really plump and stubby when I was between the age of 15 to my early 20s
think I was around 50kg ++
my mum always said I was a late bloomer, and told my sisters, that I was still in my 发育期 at the age of 20...
hahaha and my sisters would scoff at me, especially my very svelte second sis
not in malice, but at my mum's rather contrived logic to explain my rather mub mub yt-taf bod
strangely enough mum was right!
I started losing weight when I was in Melbourne
and somehow gradually over the years
I lost about 10kg...
it wasn't through any form of diet nor exercise, the appetite just reduced and I naturally ate less
coupled with a high-stress job... and I suspected my bone mass was depreciating cos i was actually shrinking in height...
hereditary I guess...

back to why I'm turning back into a mub mub yt-taf
it's the pregnancy! initially I lost a bit of weight due to bad morning sickness in the first trimester
however into my second trimester, things started looking up and I was regaining my appetite
and at my visit to my gynae yesterday, she said I had put on too much weight over the past month!

the healthy weight gain per month is 1.5kg, and I had put on 3kg!
must be the McDonalds sausage mcmuffin and ice Milo brekkie
that the husband and I have been indulging almost every morning before work...
so now I got to watch my sugar and carbs intake,
limit to only 1 sweet drink (=fruit juices only) and a glass of milk daily,
and that's it. plain water for the rest of the day
and if I have any sugar cravings, I should only be taking a fruit!
and strangely enough during this pregnancy, the foods that I felt like taking
are mostly what the husband likes...sweet kaya toast, Macs hotcakes, cheesecakes...
I used to to have a really salty tooth, but now I cannot really stomach any potato chips, which was like my favourite food at anytime, at all!

charting my weight:
original weight: 44kg
may: 42kg
june: 43kg
jul: 45.7kg
aug: 48.9kg

so the rate of weight gain for the last month was really shocking
if I'm allowed to gain only 12kg, throughout the pregnancy,
these should be my ideal weight in the coming months:
sept: 51.2kg
oct: 52.4kg
nov: 53.6kg
dec: 54.8kg

keeping the weight gain in the healthy range is really important because I'm small built
and if kiddo gets too big, it will be difficult for natural birth
and I have a great phobia of childbirth!!! *faints*


Princess of Smiles said...

Not to scare u mommy, but quick weight gain can be indicative of gestational diabetes. Ur gynae will watch u for it. Will pray for u!!!

YH said...

Oh dear me! And I have been eating such sweet stuff..
Thank u for your prayers!!!

Anonymous said...

Fruits also need to be selective, no grapes and other high sugar types.

limegreenspyda said...

mub mub yttaf!!!!
*points at hao*

cackles away!

Anonymous said...

actually i think most gynaes nag about weight gain. so far i haven't heard of anybody who didn't get nagged. my weight gain started spiralling up in the third trimester and then i used to dread every gynae visit 'cos of the weigh-in and the inevitable nagging!! had to take the GD test too but it came out negative whew.

anyway all the nutrients are going to kitchen aka xiaoming so it's ok LARH.... as long as he is growing well!

kk chen must be so happy you want to eat the things he wants to eat too haha. but he better control too lor!! guang put on a lot (i think 12kg) when fy was pregnant, cuz he ate with her! haha!


YH said...

Pwah! 12kg! Guang is so funny
Gonna see e doc next fri, think confirm exceed e healthy weight gain... =P