Tuesday, May 17, 2011

crispy banana pancakes

mum's recipe for traditional indonesian banana pancakes

3 batu bananas
approx. 3 dessert spoons of sugar
approx. a small sauce dish of melted butter
a pinch of salt
some water
approx. 3 tbsp of flour

yeh i know, all the amounts are based on agah-ra-tion
mum just based it on instincts =p

wash hands thoroughly
mash up bananas with fingers/hand
mix all the ingredients with fingers/hand
add water and stir well (can use spoon now)
mix in the flour till you get a thick batter

drop dollops of e batter into oil at low heat
continue frying them in low heat
till the final stages of frying when the pancakes have browned
press hard on the sides on the wok to make them flat

and then u will get delicious golden, crispy banana pancakes!


onebowl said...

first time i see a receipe that includes "wash hands properly" first.. funny ley.

onebowl said...

eh.. tania wanna play with my doggies.. u cook these @ ur place then we go ur house for banana pancake party!!! with my dogggies!!! :D

YH said...

Tania wants to play e your doggies???
u r friends w my niece? Hahahaah

Ok. Their school hols coming I have popcorn machine too
Maybe can plan something