Saturday, April 9, 2011

bag i want this

but it costs SGD 5125! *faints*
(only one piece left in sg at the taka branch)

and i really do want a green bag!
this one's another burner at £2,035.28 (from net-a-porter)

unless my income jumps another figure, i will get some for my sis too,
and when it jumps 2, i'll get one for my galfrens too yeeeeh!


limegreenspyda said...

wow. your thoughts about being an architect. they are profound. respect. dunno which building that is, but i'm certain it's full of your quirks, attention and nuances. :)

onebowl said...

WEEEE!! jump two figures before i can get a free bag? hey. must be very precise here.... two figure meaning from 1002 to 1004 or 100 to 300? Either way, i am sure you are getting one for me very very soon! no green ones for me tho :P

YH said...

S: I'm sure when u complete your baby, you will have a lot of 感触 too. Would love to visit your work soon. :)

E1: ok concise concept =
from 9,999 to 99,999 - get bags for sis
99,999 to 999,999 - get bags for galfrens

Anonymous said...

yiwan i think you save money & buy for yourself faster leh. architects are poor as paupers. very sad one.