Saturday, February 19, 2011

cooking with mum

I've loved plain tang yuan since I was a kid
we call them sorh yee - which is teochew for the action of rolling the dough into round balls
old fashioned, plain glutinous rice balls with no fillings, in a clear sweet soup base
and goes without saying mum's version is my favourite

so i decided to start a series of "cooking w mum" session every saturday to learn how to make these yummy sorh yee amongst mum's other delicacies

made these sorh yee two weeks ago
mum's (secret) recipe makes very Q balls

and i attempted to make my very first orange chiffon cake!

very hard to make ya know!
the technique of mixing the batter has to be very carefully controlled
so that the batter will not be lumpy, or trap too much air
otherwise the cake will have big gaping holes within
or not be soft and fluffy

happy to say that my first attempt was successful!
and passed mum's stringent standards
the colleagues whom i shared the cake w said it was yummy too!

much inspired :)


Anonymous said...

looks yummy!! glad that you are finally getting down to learning these precious skills from your mom - so that u can cook for us yay! pineapple tarts next CNY by auntie teo?!


YH said...

wah pineapple tarts r tough! but yeh I'll learn it :)

Princess of Smiles said...

must learn all the recipes from your mommy!!!