Saturday, January 8, 2011

treasure trove

today the husband and I got to tend the shop in the morning
as e in laws had a tea ceremony to attend
this was my chance to buy things I've been eyeing
I've lamented about my plight before
how I'm too paiseh to take the things I want
as I'm not allowed to pay for anything

the shop is such a treasure trove

my loot of the day - hand juicer for the occasional lemon juice
for my cocktails
and it is made in Turkey worh!
and and it costs an amazing $2.80!!!

in e end my mil thrusted e money back to me later
after e husband informed her we bought some things


limegreenspyda said...

Haha so funny you secretly tried to pay but in the end got found out! I'd love to visit this old-fashioned shop your in-laws have.

Eh eh, I notice you have been posting dream house and dream shop inspiration images haaa.... :) dream dream dreammmm... is good. Keeps the work monster at bay.

We meets up soon! Kopi or sthg!

YH said...

haha yar what's more she thrusted the money in a huff! aiyoks...

dreaming so much cos i'm in denial!!!
i realised the more i do things that i dont enjoy
the more i seek other avenues and become more acute of what i do enjoy hahaha....

yar lousy me always say wanna go visit u at e pub but never... i wanna see your hair tied in ribbons! =)

Princess of Smiles said...

Your mil is so funny!!!

When u r down site at novena call me for lunch coz I'm back to work!!!